Tournaments return to East Texas sports complex

Tournaments return to East Texas sports complex

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - When it seemed like sports may never come back, an East Texas athletic complex is finally drawing tournaments again.

Longview’s ‘Lear Park athletic complex’ had over the years been the sight of countless huge tournaments of baseball, softball, and soccer, and now it appears those money-making events are on their way back.

For most of the summer Lear Park had little to no events held, but it is alive again with tournaments. This weekend kicked off a girl’s fast-pitch softball tournament.

“We’re getting back to normal. Baseball, but we’re ready for football. Have some fun get out and watch some softball,” said fan Edward Charles Boone.

For fans, it’s an ‘about time’ moment.

“Team sports. It helps them learn you can’t always do it by yourself. You need other people,” said spectator Cody Everett.

The tourneys are about more than just games and trophies, it means teams and fans from other states coming in.

“I don’t think sitting at the house is going to fix anything,” says Everett.

This one with teams coming from Louisiana and Mississippi. For most, it’s not about a new normal, but getting back to what was normal.

“You can’t just keep everybody in the house, the kids are getting ready to back to school. I think the kids that have been out social distancing are going to do so much better than the ones that have been stuck in the house. I hope things get back to normal and people can stay safe at the same time,” said fan Tamika Gordon.

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