New Coach Alvarez bringing confidence to his blue collard Garrison Bulldogs

New Coach Alvarez bringing confidence to his blue collard Garrison Bulldogs
GArrison Bulldogs (Source: KTRE Sports)

Garrison, Texas (KTRE) - You will not hear any complaints from new Garrison head Coach Brandon Alvarez when it comes to the commitment or work ethic from his Garrison football team.

Alvarez was hired a month before the pandemic shutdown occurred so the majority of his summer has been spent getting his team up to speed on his game plan. From day one he knew he had a team not afraid of work.

“We got a gritty group of kids,” Alvarez said. “These kids work their butts off. This summer with our summer workouts we didn’t start workouts until 5 o’clock. I started talking to the kids, ‘When can yall be here? Can yall be here in the morning? No because we work.’ They are working at chicken houses. They’re roofing. They are just blue collard, gritty kids. That is what we got.”

Larry Prince stepped down after the Bulldogs went 5-6, losing in the bi-district round of the playoffs. The team lost some talent but still has some talent and the athletes are buying into Alvarez and his staff.

We are putting in work and grinding trying to get better each and every day,” Kevin Page Jr. said. “We never argue. We always motivate and build each other up. If one of us gets down they are over there motivating us and getting us hyped up. They stay on you in a good way. No bad things. They teach you things so you can catch on easy.”

Working out in the late afternoon heat is no biggie to the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs are not worried about any other team but themselves.

“Everybody loves football here,” Shawn Holmes said. “You get off early. You come to practice and you get it in.”

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