Henderson, Texas, golf course groundskeeper survives lightning strike

Lightning Strike

HENDERSON, Texas (KLTV) - A man is at home recovering after being struck by lightning in Henderson Wednesday morning.

According to the Rusk County Office of Emergency Management, they were called out to the Henderson Country Club at around 8:35 a.m. for a person who had been struck by lightning.

The OEM said a man in his mid-50′s had been working on the greens on the golf course when a storm blew in. He was struck by lightning which, according to the OEM, entered through his head and came out his left hand and leg.

EMS transported him to UT Henderson for treatment. The Office of Emergency Management said he has since been released from the ER.

The man, James Clark, said he began his day with a normal routine.

“It was about 8:20, 8:30, I had just got done mowing and watering the greens and I heard the thunder coming, so I just shutoff the pumps and I was going back inside of my shed just to get under cover,” Clark said.

That’s when it happened, 15 feet from his shed. Clark was struck by lightning.

“I didn’t really feel it when it initially hit me in the head. I smelt it because my hair was basically burning. I got into my shed and I kind of fell out of my work cart, and I went into my pocket to get my keys out because I knew there was nobody there, so I got my keys out and went to my truck and tried to open it, but my keyfob was melted,” Clark said.

He survived, but his possessions didn’t. His belongings were on a table at the Clark home emphasizing how lucky he is to tell his story.

“Yeah, it is, it is more precious for me, not as much as for my wife, I think she said it about four or five times today, you don’t know how lucky you are,” Clark said.

“His mom called me, and I started to cry, but I just said okay I’m going, I haven’t taken a shower yet and just running around getting dressed and just took off to the hospital,” said James’ wife, Sherri Clark.

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