City of Grand Saline still experiencing water woes

City of Grand Saline still experiencing water woes
Grand Saline water outage

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The City of Grand Saline is still in the midst of a serious water issue.

On Wednesday, the city posted the following notice:

It is imperative that our citizens understand that we must boil and conserve water usage until further notice. Water services have been restored but we are still experiencing a water emergency with a well pump down. At the current water usage rate, we will not be able to maintain services.

Do not fill pools, run sprinklers and no unnecessary usage please. We must work together to get through this. Our Public Works Department is diligently working to correct the problem. Updates will be posted on the City of Grand Saline’s website and/or Facebook.

The city had hoped to have water restored by midnight Tuesday. They say that if you do have water, you should boil it for two minutes before consumption.

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