Bullard Panthers hoping team chemistry can take them back to playoffs

Bullard Panthers hoping team chemistry can take them back to playoffs

BULLARD, Texas (KLTV) - The Bullard Panthers are all about competition, a playoff team from last season, there’s now the distraction of the off season’s pandemic. Is that a distraction for the season you ask? Coach Scott Callaway doesn’t think so.

“Football is still football, teenage boys playing high school football here, so they’re still having fun, we’re trying to keep it as normal as we can,” Callaway said. “With the safety restrictions in whether its water, wearing masks, in meetings and film sessions, and the weight room those kind of things, regulating the number of kids. Trying to keep that social distance within the state guidelines, stay as normal, its still high school football.”

Leaders emerge from complications, but the Panthers leaders were that long before COVID-19 stepped in, the key to build on from last season:

“Team chemistry definitely, playing together as a team. I think last year we had some good guys, I don’t think we came together as good as we could. I think we have some good dudes this year, we come together we could be something special,” said wide-receiver Bryce Jewell.

“We’ll have a lot more people who are more committed this year, we’ve got a lot of good players this year, we got these new coaches and we’re learning a lot as we can right now, I feel like we have a good chance of going to the playoffs again,” said fullback John Engle.

For the seniors of the Bullard Panthers, they really believe that team chemistry and camaraderie can take them a long way, perhaps back to the playoffs. And that doesn’t start later on this year, that begins right now.

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