2 arrested after several fires set in Henderson County

Officials: Five fires were set in the Cherokee Shores neighborhood

2 arrested after several fires set in Henderson County

HENDERSON COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - Two people are in jail after officials say they set multiple structures on fire this morning.

It happened in the Cherokee Shores neighborhood in Henderson County.

“While we were in route over here we got notified of a fourth structure fire and a possible suspect that was seen in the area. Some civilians in the area were following that suspect for us and was on the phone with our dispatch letting us know where he was at,” Henderson County Fire Marshal Shane Renberg said.

Renberg says the call came in around 7:15 this morning of several structures on fire. In all, five structures were burned in the Cherokee Shores area.

“Nobody was living in these, this one behind the fence here was actually a rent house that was in the process of trying to be rented out. The other three were unoccupied at the time,” Renberg said.

Renberg says they suspect arson to be the cause, though they are still working to determine that.

Raymond Jessee Collins Jr.
Raymond Jessee Collins Jr. (Source: Henderson County Judicial Records)

Two people were arrested for their involvement in setting the fires. Raymond Jesse Collins Jr. Is charged with five counts of arson and Tatum Michelle Moffett is charged with three counts of arson.

Tatum Michelle Moffett
Tatum Michelle Moffett (Source: Henderson County Judicial Records)

This neighborhood has seen arson incidents in the past. In 2017 and 2018, several mobile homes were set on fire.

“Cherokee Shores for some reason every year we have a string of fires in here. It’s typically abandoned homes that they hit,” Renberg said.

Renberg says no evidence leads them to believe today's fires were connected to any others and they're working to find out why they were set in the first place.

All the burned structures were vacant at the time of the fire and no injuries were reported.

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