WATCH: Anissa Centers talks about popular hobbies, their benefits

ETN: Anissa Centers discusses some popular hobbies

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - If there is one constant with the coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic, it’s that people’s lives are different. In some cases, that is intentional. 

Months into the pandemic, people are still picking up new hobbies and returning to old ones. Anissa Centers talked to East Texas Now host Kayla Lyons about what folks are up to and what they’re getting out of their hobbies.

Some popular hobbies include:

1. Watching TV and movies

2. Reading

3. Working out

4. Arts and crafts

5. Board games 6. DIY projects

7. Yoga

8. Baking

9. Gardening

10. Video games

11. Meditation

12. Audiobooks/podcasts

13. Writing

14. Learning language

15. Learning instrument

Hobbies have numerous benefits. They include:

• Give you something to do with time

• Something to look forward to

• Develop and nurture social connections

• Help alleviate stress

• Hobbies can teach you new skills that can help with your career.

• Creative hobbies can help you recover from mental health issues.

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