Gun Barrel City firefighter talks about recent water rescue

Updated: Aug. 2, 2020 at 5:04 PM CDT
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GUN BARREL CITY, Texas (KLTV) - “911 what’s the address of your emergency? I am at boat accident and my wife and I, we’re both in pretty bad shape.” This is the first thing 911 dispatcher Katie Loury heard on the phone Thursday night.

The 911 call continued: “Is it just you guys in the boat? Yes us two, bleeding profusely. Where are you bleeding from? My head, I was ejected from the boat.”

Loury went to work trying to figure out where the couple were located to send crews to save them.

“The water rescue the other night was extremely complex because it occurred around 9:46 in the evening, in a fairly remote part of our lake,” said Mike Bradley, a lieutenant with the Gun Barrel City Fire Department. “It was extremely dark.”

While Loury was coordinating rescue crews, she stayed on the phone with the boaters. “I’m going to stay on the phone with you until I can get someone out there to assist you,” she said on the 911 call.

According to Bradley, crews were able to reach the boaters in roughly 15 minutes because they were so helpful on the phone.

“I’ve never spoken to someone who was so calm in such a serious event. He was so well put together, I had idea how injured he was because of his demeanor,” said Loury. “Him being as calm as he was in that situation was the most helpful part of the entire call, probably within the first minute and a half I had all the information I needed from him.”

The departments involved are crediting Katie with the success of the rescue.

“Dispatchers are really the unsung heroes, we’re the ones people see in action in person and in the media, but it’s a dispatcher, particularly in this case, that’s a soothing voice,” said Bradley. “To have a dispatcher that can coordinate everything and bring comfort to the people is really important and we’re really blessed to have Katlyn as one of our dispatchers.”

Both occupants suffered serious injuries, but Bradley said they both survived the accident.

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