Big wins, COVID-19 have SFA Basketball still working on 2020-21 schedule

Big wins, COVID-19 have SFA Basketball still working on 2020-21 schedule
SFA Summer Access basketball practice (KTRE) (Source: KTRE Sports)

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The 2020-21 basketball season for the SFA Lumberjacks starts on November 10 and the team is still finalizing their schedule.

Several factors have gone into play with the schedule not being completed yet. The obvious factor is COVID_19 with schools waiting to see what conferences will do when it comes to basketball in regards to delaying the season to January.

“Right now I think we worry about following the model of football and pushing back to January start date and just playing a conference games only,” head coach Kyle Keller said. “That is obviously on everyone’s mind in our sport. I think we will play this year and we will play the NCAA tournament. I think it is just a function of when it will occur.”

Keller and his staff are continuing to work. The next issue the team is facing is their recent success. Big tournament wins and wins over Power 5 teams the past three seasons including the biggest win in school history against No.1 Duke last November.

“When you go 28-3 and win some of the games you win like we did last year, the margin our home record and you factor in other stuff and people don’t wan’t to come to Nacogdoches. We led the nation in road wins last year so people are not anxious to play us.”

While not all the opponents are known right now the ’Jacks team does have return games this year with Louisiana Monroe and Arkansas State and will play 16 conference games, down from the 20 they played last year.

“With what this team has done in 20 years makes it almost impossible to get quality Division I games at home,” assistant head coach Jeremy Cox said. “To get four more is difficult. The uncertainty is there. The biggest thing that COVID did was the subtraction of those four games. [when we call we get], ‘There is no way we are playing you guys. The biggest thing right now is we have had a harder time getting the Power 5 teams to play. We got two quality games in the hopper right now for quality games we have had here over the last 3-4 years. They will be fun for our guys to have and put us on the national stage.”

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