Sheriff’s office provides backup after entire Lone Star PD tests positive for COVID-19

WEBXTRA: Sheriff’s office provides backup after entire Lone Star PD tests positive for COVID-19

LONE STAR, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas town is now without it’s police department after all of the officers tested positive for ‘Covid-19’.

Four officers of the Lone Star police department in Morris county, including the chief, are now in quarantine.

For the small town of Lone Star is was a shocker.

"I was contacted by one of my deputies on Sunday I believe, Sunday afternoon. I was notified that some of the officers may have tested positive," said Morris county sheriff Jack Martin.

It started when a city secretary tested positive first, then the city asked the officers to test at an ER.

All officers including chief Steven Blythe, came up positive and are quarantining at home, leaving no one to answer calls.

With all of the officers out, and the chief, it fell upon other agencies to fill the gap.

"If there's any type of emergency as well as patrol, we have 3 agencies that will be glad to assist the citizens of Lone Star," Martin said.

According to the sheriff, his deputies, DPS units and Daingerfield police units will pitch in temporarily.

"This is the first time that we've had anything like this since I've been with the department," Jack said.

Sheriff Martins office is short staff as well due to illness and injuries, but realizes the urgency of having law enforcement available for Lone Star residents.

"It's very much a challenge but we will be able to provide the service," Martin said.

We spoke with Lone Star police chief Steven Blythe today, who said he and his officers are anxious to get back to work.

Sheriff Martin says if the officers are found to be asymptomatic, it could be a matter of days before they return to duty.

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