East Texas man with cerebral palsy talks about first horseback ride

Colt Reddin's wish to ride a horse was granted by Safe Haven Equine Rescue

WEBXTRA: East Texas man with cerebral palsy talks about first horseback ride

UPSHUR COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - It may not sound like much on the surface, but one East Texas man wanted to meet his heroes, police and firefighters, and go for a horseback ride on his birthday.

But it’s ‘what it meant’ to that one man that will capture your heart.

At Safe Haven Equine Rescue in Upshur county, a group including fire and police were waiting for a guest of honor to arrive.

"I'm 24 years old, and this is the best thing that's ever happened to me," said Colt Reddin.

It was Colt's birthday. He's suffered 'cerebral palsy' since birth, and has a wish.

To meet his heroes, and to ride a horse.

"I came out here and suddenly my wish came true this is a big dream for me. I'm trying not to cry on camera," he said.

Colt met with law enforcement, and then got in the saddle and took a ride on a Safe Haven mount.

For his mother, Charity Lott, it meant more than she had words for.

"I don't know how many birthday's he'll have. To give him the things he dreams about, thinks about, wants. And it just, it's a lot more than anybody can ever imagine," she said.

“It’s something bigger than what everything else is nowadays. We’re glad that we’re here to help support our communities and help families members, and be a part of it for Colt,” said Mark Nichols of the Simpsonville fire department.

“I’m honored to be invited here for Colton’s birthday,” said Wood county deputy Bonnie Sepulvado.

"There are no words," Charity says.

"I'm very very thankful. Just very happy. It's finally come true," Reddin says.

Colt hopes to one day become a law enforcement officer.

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