First-year Lee football coach dealing with pandemic, altered workouts, pending campus name change

Lee football coach on pending name change

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - In his first season, Lee High School football coach Joe Willis is dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, altered workouts, and an impending name change for the campus.

It requires more than just coaching; it also needs understanding and sensitivity.

“You know, our kids have taken this in stride, to be honest with you,” Willis said. “You know, we have a leadership group, and we have definitely an open forum when it comes to, ‘Y’all wanna come talk, let’s talk.’ Let’s reason things out and talk about stuff. That’s kind of how the world works.”

Coach Joe as he’s known also expressed to his team how impressed he was with the leaders on the topic of renaming the school along with John Tyler.

“But my story to them all along was how impressed I was with really the city of Tyler, Tyler ISD, and the way they handled all these changes because it takes great leadership to get through these things,” Willis said. “I thought that all along as I listened to people discuss and talk about their feelings and express those things in an open forum where everybody could hear that. And I thought there was a lot of respect shown to all the changes that have gone on.”

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