Suspect sought after 4 wounded in trail ride shooting

Suspect sought after 4 wounded in trail ride shooting

RUSK COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - Four people were wounded and a shooter is still on the loose after a shooting at an annual East Texas trail ride.

Just after midnight Saturday, Rusk county sheriff’s officers were called to Durango’s Canyon on FM 1798, west of Mount Enterprise.

“We were called out here for shots fired. We ended up with 4 that were shot,” said Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price.

It was an annual event called the Rude Boyz Annual Trail Ride, where hundreds were in attendance.

Rusk County deputies actually provided security for the event.

“We’re not sure what did happen but there were multiple shots fired and we ended with four people getting hit,” Price says.

The shooting caused a chaotic mass exodus of people, causing more confusion for investigators.

"Once it started it was just mass chaos, we had people running everywhere. As everybody was leaving we starting having other issues with wrecks. We were trying to clear as many people out as we could, try to get information as they're leaving," said the sheriff.

Complicating the issue is Durango’s Canyon is a massive facility, and even the sheriff said there could have been over a thousand people at the event.

"Probably closer to thousands. We're trying to determine the crime scene is at the moment because it is such a large area. And we're trying to narrow it down from witnesses and stuff as far as exactly where these different locations are and what did take place," Price said.

The suspect’s identity and the motive for the incident are still not known.

One person was taken into custody for questioning.

"That was a person did have a weapon that they found, I don't know if they tied that into anything yet," the sheriff said.

Henderson police and DPS troopers assisted in the investigation.

The conditions of the victims have not been released, but we are told one person was taken to a Longview hospital, and three others were taken to a Tyler hospital.

Price says investigators have not had a chance to talk to any of the victims yet.

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