Better East Texas: Destructive effects of ‘cancel culture'

BET: Cancel Culture destructive for America
Updated: Jul. 22, 2020 at 4:23 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - In days past, we all had affinities and preferences based on some beliefs or values. An example is the Made in America movement – where many of us would do a little research and find products that were made in America and when we could, purchase those to support jobs in America.

We have seen it with buy local, and even buy Texan campaigns. But today’s cancel culture goes far beyond identifying a preference and supporting that preference, it involves absolute hate for products, services and even people that are counter to that preference. It is not just about the promotion or elevation of something, it is also about the destruction of something else.

Social media continues to be the conduit for much of the cancel culture. We saw this recently with the boycott of the national grocery food supplier, Goya, whose CEO expressed appreciation for President Trump. The cancel culture engine revved up and overnight there was a boycott in-motion against Goya foods. Lost in the moment is that this same CEO attended, and supported events organized by Michelle Obama several years ago. And Goya gives back millions of dollars in products to food banks across the US.

No matter your political preference, this should upset you. Gone are the days of supporting, promoting, elevating our preferences now we have divisive and destructive actions as well. We no longer accept free speech because it really isn’t free, it seems to always come at a cost. Perhaps some unification at the national level will help, but we see this cancel culture embraced even at the local level. It is sad and does not make for a Better East Texas.

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