The Next Normal: Childbirth classes

The Next Normal: Childbirth classes

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Childbirth classes help expecting parents feel prepared for their trip to the delivery room and those classes have couples and instructors come a lot closer than six feet. Some medical organizations have modified their classes to help prepare parents while keeping them at a safe distance.

Aside from reading every pamphlet and parenting book available, many parents turn to child birthing classes to learn as much as they can before the big day, but with social distancing in practice, medical organizations like UT Health East Texas have had to make some changes to their classes.

Marcie Tunstall, UT Health East Texas Maternal and Neonatal coordinator tells us “we’ve offered an online option. We’ve given our obstetricians a link to a website where they can basically participate on their own in childbirth education.”

This self-based virtual class allows parents to pick and choose which modules apply to what they need to know. She goes further to explain, “it’s not an ideal situation but it does provide them with the information that they would need just to be prepared when they come in to have a baby.”

Now every family is different and for those looking for another option, CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Medical Center is providing live virtual classes on zoom for free.

Metosha Brantley, a certified midwife at CHRISTUS explains that this option not only covers a different aspect of childbirth but “it allows our families to be able to gather in places where they are and watch this information. We break it down in small digestible segments.”

And if you miss the live class, don’t worry. It’s recorded and put on their website so you can view it anytime, anywhere.

Medical organizations like UT Health say they’re excited to resume in-person classes in August. They’ll limit the number of couples per group, practice social distancing, and require everyone to wear a mask.

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