Lufkin Little League mural lets community relive magical 2017, 2018 summers

Lufkin Little League mural lets community relive magical 2017, 2018 summers

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - East Texans can go to the corner of First Street and Frank Avenue in Lufkin to get a look at the latest mural to be painted in downtown.

The mural commemorates the Lufkin Little League All-Stars winning the 2017 and 2018 U.S. Championship at the Little League World Series and Junior League World Series.

Every part of the mural a frozen moment of two memorable summers where the two Lufkin teams took on some of the best youth athletes in the world.

“It is like doing a bunch of different paintings at one time, artist Byron Jones said. “You have an area and you just concentrate on that area and it is done. Basically it is a lot of small projects that come together.”

The painting was commissioned by the Lufkin Landscape Task Force through private donations.

Below is a time lapse of the project that started in early May.

From the first day he started working on the mural in May he knew that all eyes would be on him when people drove by.

“People know them and know what they look like so they pretty much had to look like what they do in real life,” Jones said. “The best part of this is when people come over and say, ‘I really like this or that’s my kid, that’s my grand kid.’ That is the very best part about it.”

Each part of the mural presented it’s own challenge but one part was the only one with stress involved.

“It’s [coach] Bud,” Jones said. “Because if I get Bud wrong than the whole town is going to go, ‘My gosh you messed up the main guy.’ Even though Bud is not the main guy. You put up the question to him and he will say, ‘Of course not.’ I think everyone is watching that one closely.”

Coach Bud had no problem with the finished product.

“It is a nice mural,” Maddux said. “That fella did a nice job of doing it. I think these players will have that to look at all their lives. It means so much for this community that cheered for them to come together and do this.”

Throughout the project the players have stopped by to watch the progress on a painting that will always bring back some of their best childhood moments.

“It’s more than a painting for us,” Charlie Deaton said. “It is all the memories and all the relationships we had with each other. "

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