No long term deal for Dak Prescott

No long term deal for Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott signs exclusive franchise tag with Cowboys

Frisco, Texas (KTRE) - Dak Prescott will be one of a dozen players this upcoming season playing under the franchise tag.

Prescott and the Cowboys could not come to an agreement on a long term deal before the 3 pm deadline and now the play maker will have to play this season for $31.4 million under the team’s franchise tag. He will be only the third NFL quarterback to play under the tag, joining Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins, who did so twice.

Dak and the Cowboys will not be able to get a new deal down until the start of the 2021 offseason. The Cowboys could offer Dak another franchise tag which would go up to over $37 million next year. With a good year Prescott will expect more than that on a yearly basis. The sticking point would be and has been how long will his contract be. Both sides seem to want to work together, the hold up has appeared to be for how long. Now throw in the massive deal Mahomes got and Prescott could be bringing home a nice pay day next year if he performs well this year.

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