Interest in homeschooling increases among Texas families

East Texas parents looking towards homeschooling for the upcoming school year - clipped version

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Depending on your district, parents have to decide between sending their kids to learn in a traditional setting in a classroom, or through digital instructions from home; but there’s been an increase in Texas families turning to a third option for their students, homeschooling.

On July 7th, the Texas Education Agency released its guidelines for state-funded schools going into the school year. This outlines standards of both education and safety for students, faculty, and families. President of the Texas Homeschool Coalition tells us “we’ve seen since the day TEA announced their new plans for school opening, our call volume of people requesting info about homeschooling, being interested in homeschooling has doubled.”

With double the phone calls comes double the questions. He explains that the most common worries THSC hear are “I’m not sure about what things are gonna look like, I’ve got concerns about the virus, I’m not sure that I can do what we did last spring in terms of what the school district is asking me to do.”

But long time homeschooling parent Melody DeLuca explains that in these times, there is no foolproof option. She explained that “if you’re fearful of sending your kids to school, you know there’s gonna be other fears and underlying fears that are gonna present themselves in your homeschooling journey that are gonna cause disruption. So those are things you’re gonna have to head on whether you’re homeschooling or having your kids in school.”

If there’s one thing to keep in mind, it’s that both your decision for your student and this time of uncertainty is not permanent.

“Just do what is best for your child. So that’s.. And to also recognize that what you think right now is the best thing for your child is not going to be a life long decision. It’s not a decision that you can’t reverse or change down the road,” says Tim Lambert.

Regardless if you choose in-person teaching, digital instruction, or homeschooling, you can visit the THSC website, for informational videos aimed at all parents going into the new school year.

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