East Texans make their own ‘new normal’ with sports, shopping

Citizens Making The Next Normal

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - From Pokemon, to golf tournaments, to water activities, East Texans are making their own ways to be active when all other activities and events have been canceled or restricted by Covid-19.

The Kilgore Meadowbrook Classic Golf Tournament went on as scheduled, with the sponsor pleased at the turnout.

“We’ve got guys from many different tours all across the United States. The tournaments been around since 1937, so to be a part of that heritage and be a part of the community and to keep this tournament going in the fashion it has been for 80 years is just exciting to be part of,” said Michael Clements from Energy Weldfab, sponsor of the tournament.

Shopping resumed at Longview’s Trade Days.

“Let’s get back to the real world. I’m so glad to see this back, I have really missed it. I haven’t worked for three months. I’m glad to be getting back here, and to be able to visit with people,” said Trade Days vendor Tom Harrell.

The Rainwater family is back to playing Pokemon in Longview, just not getting out of the car to do it.

"It started out to get people out and more active. We all enjoy it as a family. Just something to go do," says Shawn Rainwater.

Harrell says he’d like to be past the pandemic changes.

“Let’s get back to normal,” Harrell says.

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