TJC athletic director talks possible fall/spring sports switch

NJCAA Kevin Vest

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Sports in college as we know it will change this fall. The NJCAA on Monday will vote on switching fall sports to spring and spring sports to the fall. All in the name of COVID-19. First-year athletic director of TJC Kevin Vest weighs in.

“The NJCAA put out a statement today saying that this is our plan moving forward where it will be approved or voted on at a special meeting with our board of regents on Monday afternoon and we expect that to pass. Then we will move forward on planning college athletics in an entirely different way. They were all used to planning it,” Vest said.

The plan is temporary and is not expected to move forward to next year.

“It’s only for the certain circumstances right now, I think we’ve all realized around the country things have maybe changed courses as we, a month ago we thought we were trending in a positive direction towards our return to athletics in the fall and that has obviously changed in many parts of the country including East Texas obviously,” Vest said. “So I think we knew we were at a point as football teams are scheduled to report in about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks and fall sports we’re scheduled to report. We had to start figuring out what our next best option was to give student-athletes an opportunity to compete. So we would do this and we will manage our way through it. It is only for one year. I think many of us have shared the sentiment that we’re making some sacrifices over the next 10 to 12 months so that we can return to a stable and hopefully somewhat normal environment of college athletics.”

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