Local mothers of NFL players weigh in on pandemic and players safety

Local mothers of NFL players weigh in on pandemic and players safety

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - While we’re all anxious for football, high school, college, and pros, it’s not as much of a slam dunk as folks think it may be.

NBA, NHL, and MLB are re-opening their camps but are still being hit with Covid-19. NFL training camps open in less than three weeks, and still, there are many questions. Locally two NFL mothers share their thoughts on their sons playing during the pandemic. Geracie Mack is Daylon Mack’s mother. The Gladewater native enters his second season with the Baltimore Ravens.

“Well as you know, I have a college baseball player and an NFL player, so I’m concerned on both college and baseball level. With Daylon right now, I know that they have zoom time workouts when they’re working out in their homes,” Geracie Mack said. “They have equipment that has been sent in, and they’re working out with their teammates zoom time which is good. He was here a couple of weeks ago, he was in great shape, he looked good, he’s actually watching what he’s eating. He’s just ready for the season to kick-off, I think he’s like everyone else, he’s just ready for some football.”

As for Audrey Garrett, she isn’t shy about sharing her feelings and the safety of the NFL players. Her son, Myles, plays for the Cleveland Browns.

“I’m not ready for football, I don’t think anybody is prepared, or as a parent, my sons are grown men. But I don’t think there’s been enough preparation that has been disseminated to us as families that would give us insight to or the security of making sure that our sons are going to be safe,” Audrey Garrett said. Football is...baseball, football, basketball, the crowd is part of the atmosphere, and there is no clear path to me as of yet, as to how we are going to be able to get these young men, who touch each other, who are engaging with each other physically to be able to play the sports that they love without contracting COVID if its’ there.”

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