ETX Stash and Dash lets people hunt for artwork

Updated: Jul. 7, 2020 at 2:14 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - These days a genuine smile can really mean a lot, and a pretty big group of East Texas artists have banded together virtually, and in reality, to do just that. And there’s a whole outdoor gallery of free art to be discovered thanks to ETX Stash n Dash.

Tiffany Penny, Austin Albert, and Joshua “Lakey the Poet” Hinson have some excess art on their hands. They can’t help but create it, and well, it’s jamming up their homes with stuff. Tiffany came up with ETX Stash and Dash so artists can unload some of it and hand out a free smile at the same time.

“You could do a candle, you could do woodworking, you could do a drawing: any type of art that comes from the heart. And then you just hide it. You take a picture and you post it on our group saying that this item has been stashed. And then you give clues as to where it might be stashed,” Tiffany said.

“It’s an interface between the social media world that everybody stays in most of the time, and it’s a reason to get out of there and go out into the real world to find pieces of art that out member create,” Austin said.

“It’s something to do and then also to see our work really appreciated. Like when you see a little kid there with a huge smile and they found your piece after they were just kind of bored. It’s really great to see all that excitement and happiness,” Lakey said.

And that excitement and happiness apparently rubs off on the artists.

“A mom and a kid and they go out and the little kid starts hunting an area of a park or downtown, and they finally find the thing that their mom said is hidden around here and then they just look and you see the picture of them smiling; it’s a pretty good feeling. It’s probably worth more, any more money than any, you know, that’s worth more the money, you know what I mean,” Austin said.

I could not have said it better even if I practiced for a very long time. The art smiles are spreading to:

“Dallas, we have one in Arkansas, Texarkana, Waxahachie, and then our biggest one is the one in Massachusetts,” Tiffany said.

And, not long after the artists finished their stashing, well someone saw the post and came a dashing to discover Tiffany’s Galaxy painting. Tiffany’s hidden art give away may not be a new idea, but it seems to have provided universal smiles.

Tiffany says ETX Stash and Dash has a sister group in Massachusetts that will soon be doing an art exchange so that art will be hidden around East Texas, and vice versa.

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