Next Normal: Buying a new car during the pandemic

Next Normal: Buying a new car during the pandemic

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Next to purchasing a house, it’s safe to say buying a car is one of the biggest purchases anyone could make in their life. But what can you expect during the age of COVID-19 when you go into a car dealership?

According to Classic Toyota General Sales Manager Scott Reed, you can see that “all employees at classic have masks on 100% of the time. If someone comes to the dealership without one, we offer it to them. We’re not making it mandatory that they wear one but for their health and welfare we think it’s the best choice.”

Reed said every vehicle is sanitized per state orders -- door handles, steering wheels and germ hot spots are disinfected regularly. He included that, “we really like to take our time and do that while the customer is here so they can actually see and take peace of mind knowing what we’ve done for them and feel confident about their health.”

There are options to make purchasing a car an even safer transaction, and many dealerships including Classic Toyota have worked out a way to bring the dealership to the customer.

Reed says “we know people are busier today more than they’ve ever been so it’s not always convenient to get down to the dealership, so we like to make our inventory available to everybody at home or at work.”

Reed says the dealership has pushed online car sales for years before COVID-19 was a daily conversation. They have both in person and online sales staff to work with customers and if you simply want to take a look at a car, they’ll take it to you. Interested buyers can arrange this by calling in or emailing the sales staff with your car wants and needs.

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