Mahomes: ‘It’s never been about money to me’

Mahomes: ‘It’s never been about money to me’
Patrick Mahomes was selected as MVP becoming the youngest recipient of the award since Dan Marino in 1984.

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Mahomes is bringing home the money but the drive that got him to the record setting contract is not changing.

Mahomes has always been an athlete. Learning from his father who was a Major League Baseball player it seemed Mahomes would one day make it big. In high school he was a multisport athlete in Whitehouse and was a prospect that got plenty of looks from baseball scouts.

Mahomes was drafted by the Detroit Tigers his senior year and was offered a nice signing bonus. He chose instead to head off to Texas Tech to play both baseball and football. Years later with a contract of $477 million, that could grow up to $503 million by 2031, it looks like the decision to go the football route paid off.

”It has never been about money to me,” Mahomes said. “Obviously it is awesome and an exciting time for me. At the same time I have gone about it to be the best person and best player I could be every single day. This is another step in the journey. I hope I can go out there and be the same person I was the day I stepped in this league.”

The news of the contract was no surprise to Whitehouse Athletic Director Adam Cook, who coached Mahomes in high school.

“In life you make a decision and you don’t look back,” Cook said. " Patrick in that situation, he made a choice and now he has made that the right one. You knew no matter what choice he made then, it’s his ability to sellout to that choice and to chase greatness and that is why he is where he is.”

People will ask are the Chiefs spending too much? Cook would say you are what someone thinks you are worth. Through years of work, Mahomes has elevated his game and is to the point in Cook’s mind where the Chiefs feel comfortable in handing the keys to the organization over to Mahomes.

“He’s earned this,” Cook said. “He hasn’t demanded it. You haven’t seen him on ESPN and other places where he is going to hold out. It just happened the right way in typical Patrick Mahomes fashion.“

The money will help set up Mahomes for life. It will be a legacy contract for his family for generations to come. It will also enable Mahomes to help more people through his non-profit, 15 and the Mahomies.

“In the time we are in right now there is so much opportunity to go out and help the world be the best place it can be,” Mahomes said. “Having this security and trust from this organization with the financial help I will be able to do that. Not only in the Kansas City community where I hope to impact as much as I can but hopefully around the world.”

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