Bar owners continue protest over state shutdown

Bar owners continue protest over state shutdown

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The fight has intensified between state authorities and owners of bars and taverns in Texas and another protest against restrictions was held in East Texas.

Bar owners took their protest to the state capitol earlier in the week.

In a continuing effort to get the governors office to reopen bars and taverns, owners held another protest at the 'Pinnacle Venue' in Henderson.

"Nothing the governor is doing will stand in a court of law. There's nothing that he's done that proves it curbs the pandemic, and that's breaking the law," said small business owner Shenita Cleveland.

"I would say to take away any and all means for a human, any human, to support themselves , to feed themselves, is suffrage," said Tee Allen-Parker, owner of the 'Machine Shed' bar & grill in Gregg county.

Tuesday, owners took their protest to the state capital, making their case for survival.

"All bills are due , our rent is due. car notes are due, our insurance is due. we needed to work this weekend to make our bills," said one bar owner at the protest.

“We got a lawsuit going trying to fight this, get an injunction to open back up,” said James Copeck of ‘Chutters’ bar in Pasadena Texas.

last Sunday they had gathered at the 'Machine Shed' to voice their anger at the governors office, and after returning from Austin some got a nasty surprise.

"Last night I get a call form TABC, and they gave me a 30 day suspension backdated to the 28th. 6 other bars within the lawsuit got hit last night as well," Tee says.

"We put our heart and soul and savings into it, and he shuts us down," says Copeck.

They fight on for the simplest reason.

"We're trying to earn a living. We're trying to help other people in our community earn a living," Copeck says.

Over 2-hundred bar owners and workers turned out in Austin on Tuesday to protest the closings.

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