Robert E. Lee students call for change and inclusion in future decisions

Lee students call for change and inclusion in future decisions

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Students gathered together at Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler to speak out on changing the school’s name and being included in future changes.

KLTV’s Dante Nuñez explains what some organizers and participants told him.

Some juniors, seniors, and alumni of Robert E. Lee gathered together to let their voices be heard. Incoming senior, Nick Knight says, it’s time for a change.

“We’re the future of Tyler and we need to be very much involved, especially the name change, because we are the ones leading this whole thing. We are the ones demanding for it and we just want a seat at the table.”

Knight explains how he feels towards the district

“Last time, they asked us for students to be involved and now that we’ve got a lot of students involved, they’re kind of shutting us out and it’s hurtful.”

Incoming senior, Honor Neal explains how she’s been working on this project for over two years.

“It has been what I’ve been working on this summer and my whole summer two years ago. It’s been what so many students have been really fighting for, for a lot of their summers, this is completely necessary. We need to be the students that are heard.”

Jonathan Hawk, graduated from Lee last year, and he says, today’s event was constructive.

“It’s always great to meet up with likeminded people who agree with what you have to say and to be able to represent a message that’s bigger than yourself.”

Neal also says students should be able to participate in issue-driven meetings.

“We are the students that this issue impacts so if there are any meetings discussing it, then we need to be a part of it.”

The next regular scheduled Tyler ISD board meeting is on July 20th at 7pm.

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