With COVID-19 on the rise, high school programs around the state start to suspend summer workouts

Greg Tepper on football workouts, Covid-19

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - With COVID-19 cases continuing to hit new highs almost every day, high school sports programs are starting to do their part in trying to stop the spread of the virus.

Tenaha was the latest East Texas school district that decided to shutdown their summer workouts. The district made the decision after two student athletes were possible exposed to the virus off campus. The district will resume workouts on July 13.

Since then many more districts, mainly in the metro areas have suspended workouts. In Houston many are doing it as a way to help stop the spread despite not having any cases at their schools.

In Waco, Le Vega has shut down workouts in the hopes that doing so will help have a successful start to the season.

“The UIL wants high school football to happen, especially this year with this being the 100th year of football under the UIL,” Greg Tepper, Managing Editor of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football said. “They very much want this to happen. We also have to remember that they are educators and their number one priority is going to be the safety of kids. They are not going to put kids in harms way for the sake of football. That being said I am optimistic we are going to see some form of football in the fall.”

High school sports have been disrupted since Spring break with athletes having limited time on campus and with coaches. When the season does start, veteran coaching staffs could have an advantage.

High school football workouts, Covid-19

“It is hard to install a culture over Zoom,” Tepper said. “It is not easy. That is difficult. Coaches will tell you it is great to have blue chip prospects. It is great to have a kid run a 4.4 40 but you know what is more important is having relationships with those kids and to do that over zoom and only do that remotely I think is an advantage for those that have stability in the coaching ranks. That is something I am interested to see how that progresses along and how those coaches introducing themselves to their teams, how they get used to coaching in their new places. "

As of now the UIL has not let schools know when they will be able to go to 100 % or start normal sports activities. Aug.3 is supposed to be the start date for fall football camp.

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