Momma mockingbird targets Longview firefighters

Momma mockingbird targets Longview firefighters

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - If you happen to be in the back lot of Longview Fire Department’s Central Station near downtown, you may want to keep your eyes to the skies. There is a formidable creature that lives there that will not hesitate to defend its territory. It is one angry bird.

The Longview Fire Department’s Station No. 1 seems like a safe enough place, but if you venture into the back lot you may be in for an attack, according to angry bird victim Fire Marshal Kevin May.

“Last year we had the trees at the front of the fire station cut down. It’s part of the beautification of Longview, and now the birds have started tormenting us from the back parking lot,” May said.

There are two mockingbirds there, but it’s difficult to say if one or both are aggressors. May has been swooped on so many times he doesn’t flinch much anymore.

“They’ve gotten me quite a few times. They’ve gotten one of our new firefighters. He’s getting acclimated to the bird; one of our fire inspectors. Anybody pretty much that parks in the back parking lot, they’re going to get greeted by the bird when they walk into the central fire station,” May said.

It’s a little scary the first couple times, I mean it’s a lot bigger than a bug, and occasionally it attacks from the front.

“Has this bird been trained by LFD?” I asked Kevin.

“I think this bird has been trained by LPD,” Kevin said.

The Longview Police Department declined comment about that speculation.

The bird was first captured on camera in May 2017, but no one can say if it’s the same bird or offspring. Back then the bird was out front.

“Anybody, it didn’t matter if it was firemen or it was somebody coming up to pay their ambulance bill, they were usually going to get hit by the mockingbird coming up the steps to the central fire station,” May said.

Including Longview Animal Services Manager Chris Kemper who said it’s the mamma bird watching over the chicks that are:

“Starting to fly; mom is very protective of her babies as any mom is,” Kemper said.

And now:

“For the most part the citizens are safe, but the firemen are the new target,” May said.

And as far as health insurance for angry bird related injuries:

“We have looked into it, but it’s not covered,” May said

So while the baby birds are still close to momma’s nest, maybe the firefighters should helmet up. Either way they’ll have to just put up with it since the mockingbird is the Texas state bird, and I think she must know that.

There have been no injuries reported from the angry bird. The swooping generally goes on for a few weeks until the baby birds nest elsewhere.

Momma mockingbird targets Longview firefighters

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