East Texas state jail to idle

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The reported ‘idling’ of an East Texas state jail has drawn concerns from officials in it’s county.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice confirms that the company that runs the 'Bradshaw state jail facility' in Rusk county, does plan to idle the site.

And over 200 employees will be out of work.

For decades Bradshaw, a privately run jail by the 'Management and Training Corporation', had become a fixture in the Rusk county landscape near Henderson, with 266 employees.

"It's a private run for profit corporation that contracts with the state to house these state jail felony inmates," says Rusk county sheriff Jeff Price.

But the pandemic and budgetary problems have them closing down.

"Our first concern is with the employees out there. That's going to put them and their families in a bind I'm sure. They're going to have to find something to do for 6 to 12 months," says Rusk county judge Joel Hale.

According to the TDCJ, the idle is part of a state required 5 percent reduction in expenses.

It will have little impact on local jails as inmates there are housed on state jail felony's.

The loss of Halliburton in April, and now Bradshaw creates concerns from over the economic impact it will have.

"People with MTC, haven't been anything put helpful to our community," Hale says.

"It effects the county as a whole, is a loss of tax base. Tax revenue from the prison out there. They're laying off quite a few people out there, so that's going to put a burden on them," Price says.

Part of the idle is the connected facility for vocational jobs and educational skills for inmates.

The remaining inmates will be transferred to other correctional facilities.

"We're just praying that the idling is not any longer than is has to be," says the judge.

TDCJ tells us that MTC employees at Bradshaw could be offered employment opportunities with the state.

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