The Next Normal: A new routine for Rangerette tryouts amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Next Normal: A new routine for Rangerette tryouts amid COVID-19 pandemic

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - They have been kicking it since 1940, and in these days of social distancing it may not be quite the same for a while. The Kilgore College Rangerettes tryouts are approaching, and they will be happening but in a more cautious setting.

KLTV speaks with the director of the Rangerettes to see what their plans are in the Next Normal.

Kilgore College Rangerettes Director Dana Blair always has to do quite a dance to maneuver through tryouts, but this time out there’s even more choreography.

“We are about to have a camp here and some auditions and so we have some plans in place to keep the girls socially distancing while they’re dancing,” Blair said.

And that means changes to the normal routine.

“We have plans to have smaller groups in the gyms or anywhere that we’re dancing and to, of course, keep the social distancing as much as possible; so yes, a lot of changes,” Blair said.

Which means in the gym there would be:

“Twenty to 25 at a time, and then we have several other areas on campus where we’ll have smaller groups as well. They would be able to use those areas as to practicing or warming up, and then we’ll call over another group when we’re ready for the next group,” Blair said.

And they will never all be together at the same time as it always was in the past, and as far as performances:

“We do love to cover the football field and have big formations. It makes it look like there’s hundreds of girls out there. So there are certainly certain dances and things that we can do where they’re already really far apart and that still looks really nice and is entertaining,” Blair said.

And as far as that thing everyone seems to want to see they:

“Have not quite figured out, which is a little frightening because it is our trademark, and one of the favorite things for the audience is to see the girls kicking. So we’re hoping that we are able to do that. But we just don’t quite have that figured out yet,” Blair said.

“It is not that they cannot kick by themselves it’s just not what we do, but it may become what we do. We’ll have to see,” Blair said.

So for now:

“I hope it’s not completely the next normal, but you know, who knows,” Blair said.

So they’re still kicking around ideas about performance, and some of it is still up in the air in the Next Normal.

Blair said there are about a hundred applicants for tryouts, and there may be more. For the first time part of the qualifying process will be shot on video for safe viewing.

Blair also adds that what they are struggling with as a drill team pales in comparison to what first responders face on a daily basis during the pandemic.

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