Affidavit reveals details after Texas infant found dead in car in Red River

Affidavit reveals details after Texas infant found dead in car in Red River
Lyrik Brown (left) and Jeremy Brown. (Source: KXII)

GAINESVILLE, Texas (KXII) - An affidavit obtained by KXII in Sherman Wednesday revealed new details in the death of a 3-month-old baby in Gainesville, leaving the child’s father charged with capital murder charges.

According to the affidavit, Jeremy Brown assaulted the mother of 3-month-old Lyrik Brown the night of June 8 before taking off with the baby still inside the car while the mother pleaded with him not to take the child.

Gainesville police issued an Amber Alert because of the domestic dispute and Brown's previous suicide attempts.

Five minutes later, Brown called a Gainesville Municipal Court judge and told him he planned to commit suicide.

Around 3 p.m. the next day, a witness spotted Brown under the I-35 Red River Bridge.

Brown told the witness he had wrecked his car and was stranded with his daughter, and needed to borrow a phone.

Brown used the phone to call his ex-girlfriend to say he was in a car accident, but denied having his daughter with him.

She immediately called Gainesville police.

When police arrived they found Brown swimming in the middle of the river, grabbing onto the submerged car.

Court documents say deputies asked Brown where the child was, but he wouldn't answer. So they waded in and arrested him.

As deputies were arresting Brown, he told them he forgot his daughter was in the car.

Deputies found Lyrik still strapped in her car seat.

Investigators mention in the affidavit there were no signs Brown made any attempts to save her.

A medical examiner said she likely drowned sometime overnight before Brown made contact with the witness.

Extensive damage to the front of the car helped investigators determine Brown had driven into a stationary object before the car flipped into the Red River.

The affidavit states Brown had made multiple statements about committing suicide by wrecking his car and had attempted to on at least one occasion.

It states brown had previously assaulted an ex-girlfriend by attempting to drown her in the Red River near the bridge.

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