Super Bowl MVP’s wish for Whataburger in Kansas City may come true after all

Texas staple, Mahomes' favorite may soon land in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KLTV) - Even though the reigning Super Bowl MVP is a big fan of the Texas-based restaurant chain, Whataburger has no official plans to open one of its burger joints in Kansas City, Missouri - yet. However, the restaurant chain has met with officials in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, according to The Kansas City Star.

“Now a 3,751-square-foot freestanding Whataburger building is being proposed for Douglas Street and St. Luke’s Boulevard in Lee’s Summit,” the Kansas City Star article stated.

According to the Kansas City Star, a preliminary site plan has been drawn up. Ryan Elam, the director of development services for the city of Lee’s Summit, told the newspaper that Whataburger officials have met with the city to discuss the project. However, no official plans have been submitted. Lee’s Summit is a suburb of Kansas City.

Of the 800 Whataburger locations, there’s not one in Kansas City, Missouri. However, one of its favorite fans has been pining for the burger favorite to land there.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II an East Texas native, who was raised on the Whataburger brand, is a pretty good brand himself. He recently let the “cat-chup” out of the bag.

“I have Hunts. I do Heinz; I do it all,” Mahomes said during a press conference. “My favorite is probably Whataburger ketchup. Texas people would know that.”

He’s right. All Texans, even transplanted ones, are all too familiar with Whataburger ketchup.

After Mahomes made his love for Whataburger and ketchup known, the internet went bonkers, and so did Whataburger.

Billy Stark., Whataburger’s training director, was flattered back in 2018 when he spoke to KLTV.

“Well, Patrick Mahomes let a lot of people in on it,” Stark said the previous interview. “However, there is a big ketchup fan club out there. People come in and buy it for their kids at Christmas when they go off to places that don’t have Whataburger in their community. They buy their kids ketchup for Christmas. What’s great now is they can go out and buy it online; they can go online and buy it. So everybody in the country can have some if they just go to Whataburger dot com.”

The next part of the story didn’t age very well, but who knew?

There are no plans at this time for the famous burger joint to arrive in Kansas City. The closest one is in Arrowhead Stadium in Rogers, Arkansas, which is three and a half hours away from Mahomes’ new stomping grounds.

“Well, I’ll never say never,” Stark said. “Whataburger fans are very loyal, like sports fans. They’re loyal to their brand. Whataburger’s a growing company. I can’t say what’s going to happen in the future, so maybe one day we’ll open up the doors in Kansas City.”

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