Lufkin artist receiving help with Little League mural

Lufkin artist receiving help with Little League mural

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Lufkin artist Byron Jones has spent almost all of his free time over the past month trying to finish the newest mural in Downtown Lufkin that honors the recent success of the Lufkin Little League.

The recent summer heat can make the days long. The comments from passing motorist will put a smile on Jones’ face and he replies with a simple “thank you” as he keeps applying the bright colors of paint to the wall at the corner of First Street and Frank Avenue.

A few times through the process Jones has received some help. One day a family that walks downtown strolled by and talked to Jones. According to Jones the two children were excited to see all the colors and Jones let them help him paint some simple areas on the mural.

One recent weekday afternoon, Jake Fleming and his mother stopped by the mural. Fleming was told abut the mural through Jones’ wife and decided to bring out her 10 year-old son since he likes to paint at home.

Jones talked to Fleming for a bit and then gave him a brush and let him paint. While up on the lift, Fleming shared his knowledge of mixing colors and took advice from Jones who pointed out to him how to do shading and make areas stick out.

“It is just relaxing,” Fleming said when he was back on the ground from his painting experience. “You can sit up there all day and paint the canvas and relax and go to sleep afterwards.”

Jones will be out at the wall all this weekend as he looks to finish the mural in the next week or so.

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