WATCH: Anissa Centers talks about first steps to racial reconciliation

ETN: Anissa Centers talks about racial reconciliation

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - KLTV anchor Anissa Centers addressed people who may have been caught off guard by the intense national and international response to recent videos of black Americans getting killed by police officers and private citizens and have since been asking themselves, “What can I do to better understand?”

Centers spoke about the first steps people can take toward racial reconciliation with East Texas Now host Kayla Lyons on Tuesday.

She played a video clip with Russell Bailiff, a licensed clinical social worker. Bailiff explained racial reconciliation boils down to relationships just like every other form of human interaction. He added that people first need to recognize that there is a need for change.

“First, we need to recognize that we need to change,” Bailiff said. “Then we need to learn what we need to do to help bring about racial reconciliation. Don’t assume that you see all the moving parts."

During her East Texas Now interview, Centers built on what Bailiff had to say. She said change, even good change, can be challenging, difficult, and even painful at times.

For the rest of Centers’ interview, click the video above.

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