NETHealth says newest COVID-19 cases aren’t from hot spots

Updated: Jun. 15, 2020 at 7:05 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Despite more recoveries, the latest cases of COVID-19 in East Texas are not coming from the usual hot spots.

The Northeast Texas Public Health District reports new cases in the area are related to normal aspects of everyday life, not necessarily meatpacking plants and nursing homes like before.

“Last week was a pretty active week for COVID,” said George Roberts, NET Health’s CEO.

He said COVID-19 is nowhere near being gone.

“Be mindful the virus is still among us,” said Roberts. “We need to take precautions as we start moving back to day to day life.”

Roberts said the re-opening of businesses may be leading some people to believe they’re completely safe.

“We talked to one individual who said I thought this was only in prisons, nursing homes, and meat processing plants, they didn’t know this was still out in the community,” said Roberts. “Basically, people think as Texas opens up, COVID-19 is not with us anymore. The reality is the virus is still among us and we have to learn how to live with that virus.”

In their COVID contact tracing, they’ve found many different reasons and places for people to contract the virus; places that aren’t typical hot spots.

“We found family members, workplace issues, people and places they’ve been out in public with,” said Roberts.

In a Facebook post, they highlighted retail spaces, parties, fitness outlets, and funerals.

NET Health posted on Facebook about the new COVID-19 cases.
NET Health posted on Facebook about the new COVID-19 cases.(Source: NET Health's Facebook)

One East Texas gym owner says he’s aware the virus is still prevalent and is hoping his members do their part to keep everyone safe.

“We haven’t had any tracing or any cases here and I feel like we won’t given the measures we’re taking, but it could happen. It could happen to any business, anywhere,” said Shane Hunsinger, the president/owner of Milestone Lifestyle Fitness. "We just want to stay vigilant and monitor closely what’s happening and we’re asking our members to play a role in that, as well. “If they don’t feel well, not to come here and keeping a social distance they need to be comfortable and safe.”

Roberts said there are currently 38 COVID-19 patients in Tyler hospitals; a number he is pleased with and hopes doesn’t rise.

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