MARK IN TEXAS HISTORY: Driller Park in Kilgore

MARK IN TEXAS HISTORY: Driller Park in Kilgore

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - In the late 1940s, thousands of servicemen came home to East Texas, so small towns found ways to provide entertainment.

Driller Park was erected in 1947 and hosted the Kilgore Drillers for four years.

The park was built of oil field pipe, tank steel, and concrete. It had an infield underground drainage system, making it one of the best-constructed parks of its day. It seated around 3,100 baseball fans.

Driller Park
Driller Park (Source: KLTV)

A working oil well sits just beyond the right-field side of the park.

Driller Park continues to host baseball today, this time to the amateur youth of East Texas.

Driller Park received its state historical designation in 1998.

The ballpark straddles the Gregg and Rusk County lines. It’s on Commerce and Hunter Streets.

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