Better East Texas: Sports after COVID-19

BET: What will the longterm effect of COVID-19 be on sports?
Updated: Jun. 12, 2020 at 2:02 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Sports fans across the globe have been weathering a drought from fresh sporting events and television programming. The COVID response by professional and amateur sports alike has created a wasteland of sports repeats on TV and non-spectator events that just aren’t the same.

I suppose it is good that we are getting some sports back and that some professional leagues have postponed and shortened seasons but it is unknown what sports popularity will be like. Psychologists say it takes a month or so to create or break a habit. Obviously, there are variables, but we have been without sports for nearly three months. And people have largely moved on and engaged in other activities.

Some of those moves will be become permanent. We have seen it with numerous department stores and other retail merchants where a two month pause was just too much for their financial engine to weather. So, the road back for sports, especially professional sports may be a long one. Sports junkies may have to decide which sport in their life is preferred as they won’t be able to go to or watch everything, creating some more casualties.

One thing that might help some sports is if players present images that show they do care and actually appreciate fans’ support. It is not a time for players to hold out or come across as insensitive to the average American.

Ultimately, it will be each sport’s connection with the fan base that will make or break this very strange year. If there is connection, there will be support. If not, some sports risk withering into the history books.

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