John Tyler workouts resume following break

John Tyler Workout Package

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Returning back to the field, student-athletes if anything are anxious to see how they measure up after being off for nearly three months.

It hasn’t taken long for Coach Rickland Holmes to notice what he likes best after just two days of the voluntary workouts with his players. He’s mildly surprised at how his guys are coming along.

“Consistency, a lot of these guys have been working out and doing what we’ve been telling them to do, you know, during the whole first part of it, working out." said Holmes. "A lot of them have been going to APEC, which we really appreciate Bobby Stroupe creating a program for us to have our kids work out. they are not in bad shape but they’re not in great shape either.”

Players understand that fact, no matter how good they’ve performed in the past. One of his players, Keelan Erwin, welcomes the workout and agrees with coach

“No sir, I feel like I’m not at the potential I need to be at right now as we’re getting into it. I can tell the progress but if we were still working out I could tell most of these things I would have no problem with," Keelan said.

That’s why catching up on the field is so important for all of the players,

Early morning workouts beating the heat, John Tyler like all the other schools in East Texas are going through a refresher course, but the Zoom conferences have put them ahead mentally.

“I think we are and I think that’s something that we’re going to either continue to do at a different level with our kids and I think we’re gonna implement that during the season also," Holmes said.

Erwin recognizes that also following up on what his coach says.

“Like during spring season and stuff, I wasn’t like for offense I didn’t remember all the plays and stuff like that, like when we were on Zoom we were able to stick together and get in time wise,” Erwin said.

It’s only the summertime though. In less than two months, it’s the real deal, there will still be some catching up but overall the COVID-19 shutdown more than anything shows the discipline needed while being away.

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