Complaint: Man fired multiple rifle shots at Overton police officer, then barricaded himself

Complaint: Man fired multiple rifle shots at Overton police officer, then barricaded himself
Kent Fuseleir (Source: Rusk County Jail)

OVERTON, Texas (KLTV) - Overton police officers arrested a 47-year-old man on Monday in connection with allegations that he fired multiple rifle shots at an Overton police officer and then barricaded himself inside his home earlier this month.

Kent Joseph Fuseleir, of Overton, was arrested and charged with first-degree felony aggravated assault of a public servant, third-degree felony deadly conduct - discharge of a firearm, and Class B misdemeanor terroristic threat cause fear of imminent serious bodily injury. Collective, Pct. 5 Justice of the Peace Jana Enlue set his collective bond amount at $176,500.

Fuseleir has since been released from the Rusk County jail after he posted bail on the three charges.

According to the complaint, an Overton PD officer was dispatched to the area of Kingsway on June 5 to check out a report that a shirtless man carrying an open bottle of whiskey was threatening his neighbors in their yards.

When the OPD officer got to the Kingsway area, residents of that neighborhood flagged her down and explained what had happened, the complaint for the terrorist threat stated.

The complainants, whose property is next to Fuseleir’s said that he had been trying to talk to their 4-year-old son through the fence. At that point, the husband told Fuseleir not to talk to their son and told him to leave the boy alone, the complaint stated. Fuseleir then allegedly got angry, walked around the fence to their property, and began yelling and screaming things like, “Come on, [expletive]!” and"I’ll kill all of you!"

“As they were describing the suspect and what happened [the Overton PD officer] heard gunshots coming from the residence south of Kingsway belonging to Fuseleir,” the complaint stated.

The Overton PD office approached the fence and yelled that she was with the police department and ordered Fuseleir to stop shooting and put the gun down, the complaint stated.

Then Fuseleir allegedly yelled “Come on” and “Come get me!” and started shooting again. The Overton police officer told the OPD chief that she heard what sounded like a bullet whizzing past her and the thud of it hitting something. According to the complaint, she also said that it sounded like a .22-caliber rifle.

After the Overton PD officer withdrew from the area near the fence, she called for back up, the complaint stated. About eight officers from the Smith and Rusk county sheriff’s offices responded to the scene. By that time, Fuseleir had allegedly barricaded himself his home.

The officers at the scene decided to obtain a warrant for Fuseleir’s arrest instead of trying to get through the front gate of his property, the complaint stated.

Later, Overton’s fire chief told the OPD officer that he walked around the storage building on his property after he heard shots and spotted Fuseleir on his balcony firing shots at the officer with what appeared to be a .22-caliber rifle, the complaint stated. The officer’s body-worn camera allegedly captured what sounded like four or five shots fired in the officer’s direction after she identified herself and told Fuseleir to stop shooting.

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