Bell, Boeing reaches milestone with 400th delivery of the V-22 Osprey

Bell, Boeing reaches milestone with 400th delivery of the V-22 Osprey
(Source: Bell)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Bell and Boeing reached a milestone by delivering its 400th V-22 Osprey to the United State Department of Defense.

On June 2, the U.S. Air Force Special Operations command received the CV-22, a variant of the V-22 Osprey, according to the news release.

The V-22, a tiltrotor aircraft, is built to conduct long-range infiltration.

A tiltrotor aircraft combines the vertical takeoff, hover and vertical landing qualities of a helicopter with the long-range, fuel efficiency and speed characteristics of a turboprop aircraft.

“The delivery of the 400th V-22 represents the demand for this platform’s unique capabilities. It is a testament to the diligence of the men and women from Bell, Boeing and our entire supply chain who build and deliver this incredible aircraft to our customers,” said Kurt Fuller, Bell V-22 vice president and Bell Boeing program director. “For over 30 years, the people who support the Bell Boeing V-22 have been the foundation in bringing tiltrotor capabilities to the world.”

The first production of V-22 was delivered more than 20 years ago.

Since 2007, it has been deployed in a range of combat, humanitarian and special operations.

The V-22 production line is currently on its third multi-year procurement contract.

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