Texas man’s in-custody death after confrontation filmed for police show raises key questions

GRAPHIC: Deadly Texas arrest caught on body cam video under investigation

AUSTIN, Texas (Austin American-Statesman/AP/KEYE/CNN) — Police video and documents released more than a year after the in-custody death of a black man in Texas show that sheriff’s deputies repeatedly used a stun gun on him, despite multiple pleas that he couldn’t breathe following a chase after he failed to dim his headlights.

A report published Monday by the Austin-American Statesmen and KVUE-TV says the revelations in the death of Javier Ambler raise questions about Williamson County deputies’ practice of pursuing drivers for minor crimes.

A local prosecutor says the circumstances are troubling because it was being filmed for A&E Network’s real-time police show “Live PD.”

A custodial death report from Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office stated Ambler was wanted by deputies for a traffic violation but didn’t stop.

Deputies followed him into Austin, where he crashed.

According to the documents obtained by CNN, Ambler exited his car with his hands up. He was not intoxicated and unarmed.

Officers tried to handcuff Ambler but say he say the man resisted and pushed back on the officers as he refused to follow the verbal commands.

But the body camera footage captures Ambler in distress.

The report states Ambler didn’t do what deputies were asking immediately, so two officers used a stun gun on him.

Once in custody, Ambler became unresponsive. Resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful, and he later died at the hospital.

Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore announced this case will be heard by a grand jury.

“This particular case is just another highly offensive, deeply disturbing that needs to be, I’m not going to stop until we explore every aspect of it,” she said.

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