Student-athletes return to summer workouts under new COVID-19 guidelines

Student-athletes return to summer workouts under new COVID-19 guidelines
Lufkin high school athletes gather for the first day of summer workouts (Source: KTRE Sports)

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Lufkin student-athletes lined up outside of the indoor facility this morning eager to return to summer workouts. It was different.

The Panther football players normally are all gathered around a covering laughing and enjoying their time. Today the athletes stood on blue lines, six feet apart and waited for instructions. It was the first thing different this year as districts begin to look at how to come back while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is going to be a lot different than what you have been doing at home,” Lufkin head coach Todd Quick said. “We have to do it this way or they could come shut us down.”

Coaches waited outside the doors as athletes entered taking their temperatures one at a time. Students also filled out a paper that asked questions related to COVID-19. Once inside the athletes were divided into groups and told what time they will be working out each day of summer activities. No workouts took place on Monday and when they start on Tuesday it will not be as intense as past summer workouts.

“Some have been working but for the most part we have to start from zero and go from there,”Quick said. “We have to work on flexibility and mobility. That is the big thing. Hopefully in July the UIL will gives us more freedom and we will work from there."

John King and the Longview Lobos wasted no time in starting their workouts.

“We have not been together since Mrch 6,” King said. "We were all ready to get back out here.

King shared Quick’s opinion on how the start of summer workouts would look.

“For the first couple of weeks it will be nothing but training,” King said. “We have to get these guys in some type of condition moving forward into August.”

The UIL is still planning to start fall workouts on August 3 but that could change based on the progression of summer workouts.

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