TJC volleyball players left behind turn it into blessing in disguise

TJC volleyball players left behind turn it into blessing in disguise

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Slowly, student athletes are being allowed to workout on their school campuses, but there are those on the TJC volleyball team that never left town.

Two players on the Apache Ladies volleyball team, Vanessa Silva and Lydeke King are getting in their workout, as signs of sports life begin to emerge on the heels of COVID-19′s shutdown, King from Austrailia and Silva from Brazil weren’t able to leave Tyler and go home because of flight restrictions. On their second day of workouts, they shared their thoughts on being left behind while others left for spring break, but didn’t return because of COVID-19.

“Yes, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to go home because now it’s going to be like a year since I’ve seen my family, but I came here for a reason, I came to play volleyball and to study, point was stay here and do that,” King said.

Her teammate in the same situation.

“I’m the same, kind of like Lydeke did, of course you wanna go home, I mean but I liked the motivation to stay and play and get better," said Silva.

Using the down time wasn’t such a bad deal when your coach can provide details to improve. Coach Brandi Hood has a more private coaching session than she would have if the whole squad was here

“Normally, I actually don’t have people in summer one, but they actually got trapped here with COVID so luckily also with the travel ban with Brazil, we have two Brazilians that were able to stay, able/had to, so we don’t normally are in this situation," Hood said.

Both players are taking advantage of the intimate workout, and for their coach, it’s a slice of normalcy. That’s a nice change of pace.

“It does, its nice even if its just two kids, just to be able to coach again, I just felt like, feel like I wasn’t able to do my job. Obviously we’re doing office stuff a lot but my passion is to coach and be out there one on one. I’m very much like hands on so it’s just been weird to not be able to do that.”

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