The Next Normal: Summer School

New guidelines are changing the way students will experience summer school across East Texas.

The Next Normal: Summer School

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The 2020 school year has ended, but summer school is just getting started. Governor Abbott gave districts the go-ahead to begin classes on June 1, and now that the summer is here, summer school is looking a bit different.

From the computers to the classroom, classes can now resume in-person.

“You can do a whole lot of things online, but you can’t replace the culture you create on a daily basis in the classroom with a kid," says Steve Clugston, Superintendent of Pine Tree ISD.

But, there will be some rules. For example, a maximum number of eleven people will be allowed in the classroom at one time. That includes ten students and one teacher. Plus, the desks must be six feet apart.

Meanwhile, students could be spending more time learning one very important skill. According to Texas Education Agency guidelines, “students should be instructed in good hand washing techniques and given frequent opportunities to wash their hands.”

“We’ll be sure to provide that antibacterial soap and make sure that they’re washing for that full amount of time,” says Chapel Hill ISD Elementary Summer School Principal, Ellie Perez.

As far as hand sanitizer, schools should have it at each entrance and require everyone to use it when they enter the building.

“It’s gonna be a real common occurrence on a daily basis multiple times a day by every student and every staff member," says Clugston.

But, changes aren’t just happening on school grounds—students will also see some changes in transportation.

According to the TEA, “students should be seated at least six feet from other students on the bus (in most cases, this will mean one student per row, on opposite sides of the bus.)”

But, Perez says that all of these changes mean one thing.

“We want them to know they’re safe here, and we will do everything, everything to make sure [they] stay that way.”

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