Pastors rally in Longview over Floyd death

Pastor Rally

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - George Floyd’s death has sparked reaction across the country and a peaceful ‘call for justice and prayer’ happened in one East Texas community.

Clergy members from numerous denominations came to the Gregg County courthouse Friday in support of a call for justice in the Floyd case.

Local pastors planned the rally as a call for calm and peace for the people of Minneapolis and the rest of the country.

"Showing unity in our community and praying for justice. Just want to see the country reconciled and working together," said Longview youth pastor Patrick Johnson.

Some who we talked with say it's to stand up in unified voice against injustice when it happens.

And the prayer is for the safety of everyone during this time.

"We come in peace and again it's praying for justice," Johnson says.

"For us to come together as Christian pastors we said there's something wrong going on here, this is wrong," said First Lutheran Church of Longview pastor Jeffrey Borgwardt.

Several members of law enforcement attended in support, including Gregg County sheriff Maxey Cerliano and Longview police chief Mike Bishop.

"We support our police department but we also want them to know that we are speaking here for justice," Borgwardt says.

The other point of the rally according to organizers, is a call for peaceful activism.

Around 200 people turned out for the rally in Longview.

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