Harrison County COVID-19 cases leveling off

Harrison Co Response

HARRISON COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - Though numbers of COVID-19 cases have risen in some East Texas counties, most are seeing a ‘leveling off’, and hope that the reopening doesn’t cause a surge.

Harrison County, which has 240 cases, has gotten some state help, and now officials hope they are seeing a downturn.

“The number of new positive cases has begun to slow down a little bit and our recoveries have increased, so that’s certainly got us headed in the right direction,” says Harrison County Judge Chad Sims.

And a downward trend is exactly what the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office needs, given their altered procedures because of the virus.

“We are screening every inmate that comes into the jail, if they are in a quarantine mode then we check them every 15 minutes for symptoms. We run the risk of infecting everybody in our department,” says Harrison County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Jay Webb.

The county did get some help particularly with surge teams, and particularly with a nursing home that had a unique problem.

A state team was called in to run one Marshall nursing home while many of its employees were awaiting COVID-19 tests and were in the mandatory 1- day waiting period.

“We want to protect the most vulnerable and that’s that 60-plus age group. Over the last weekend we finished the last of our nursing home testing that was mandated by the state, and should get the results by Saturday,” Sims says.

“Health officials throughout the country have stated that there will be an uptick again. This is not something that’s going to go away immediately,” Webb says.

But the signs are encouraging.

“We’re eager for our businesses to begin to reopen and hope that we can continue to see the recovery,” says Sims.

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