Tyler movie theater open continues operations under COVID-19 guidelines

WEBXTRA: Times Square Grand Slam movie theater

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - For some, it’s a summer tradition -- going to the movies.

While some theater chains are choosing not to open, Times Square Grand Slam in Tyler is back up and running. We’re told extra safety and sanitation measures are in place, as well as limited 25 percent seating compacity.

We talked to one East Texan who was just happy to finally get back to a theater.

“It’s good to get back and do the things that we have normally been able to do. It was wonderful, clean, open. More people need to come out and start to come back and start going out to the show,” said movie patron Robyn Seal. “They have got it spaced out enough that you don’t have to be afraid.”

KLTV’s Jeff Chavez also spoke with Times Square Grand Slam Marketing Director Blake Simpson about being the only movie theater in Tyler being open.

Simpson tells us about the safety precautions taken, including the limit to 25 percent capacity, which means on average about 40 people in a 160-seat theater.

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