Former ‘Jack John Franklin-Myers: Those are wins I will never forget

Former ‘Jack John Franklin-Myers: Those are wins I will never forget
John Franklin-Myers at his 2018 Pro Day at SFA (Source: KTRE Sports)

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The NCAA might have stripped the SFA athletic program of 289 wins across four sports since 2013 from the record books but for the athletes and fans that were at the games the wins still count in their mind.

One of those is John Franklin-Myers. Franklin-Myers is getting ready to enter his third year in the NFL with the New York Jets. He played for SFA starting in 2014, playing in games all four years of his college career. In his Freshman year, SFA went 8-5 and made the FCS playoffs.

According to SFA Athletic Director Ryan Ivey, as part of SFA’s Negotiated Resolution with the NCAA, the program was forced to vacate all of the SFA football wins since 2013 due to player playing who should have been ruled academically ineligible. Ivey said those wins do not count as losses, they just go away from the record books. So in Franklin-Myers first season SFA will now officially have a 0-5 record. The news was tough for the Jets player who made the Southland Conference’s All-Academic team three straight years for the 'Jacks.

“It is just something that happens out of our control,” Franklin-Myers said. “Academics was a big part of my success. I was three-time academic all-conference and here we are having all these academic problems.”

Franklin-Myers remembers all 21 games that SFA football won in his four years at the school. Being a person that fell in love with SFA and loved sports he also remembers the wins that the other programs had to sacrifice as well.

“They can take the wins away but they can’t take away the memories and experiences of them from the opportunities that we had,” Franklin-Myers said. “The NCAA can take away the win from the win column for basketball that has done so much good for our university and it is sad to see. As a player those are memories and wins that I will never forget.”

As sad as the situation is, Franklin-Myers tries to stay positive and find a good laugh. He found that moment knowing that his journey to the NFL is one of the more unique paths. Entering SFA, Franklin-Myers never won a high school game. The Greenville teams he played on went 0-40. Now his SFA record is 0-25., so Franklin-Myers has an 0-65 record before ever stepping foot on an NFL field. Getting ready for his third NFL season, Franklin-Myers has already been in the spotlight, getting a sack on Tom Brady in the Super Bowl for the Los Angeles Rams.

“I am not a big historian of the game but I don’t think anyone else has done that,” Franklin-Myers said. “It will be strange for someone that doesn’t know my story.”

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