Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center adapts to COVID-19 pandemic

Adoption center never closed

WEBXTRA: Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center implements COVID-19 precautions

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Through all of the recent events they have remained in operation, but they have had to adapt to the current situation.

There are still strays and injured animals that have to be dealt with. And the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center has to go through a little more than they’re used to, to get pets adopted.

Longview Animal Control Supervisor Chris Kemper tells us it’s been tough, but he and his staff can handle it.

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“We still have animals coming in and we’re still struggling to make sure that they get adopted and make sure that anything that comes into our facility is going to get a second chance,” Kemper said.

Whether it’s a cat, dog, or the occasional injured hawk, they are all met with workers wearing personal protective equipment.

“We’re still doing everything with masks, eye protection with gowns. We’re asking everyone to set appointments up to bring animals in,” Kemper said.

And are still picking up animals in the parking lot to minimize exposure, and then:

“For friendly dogs, all dogs get a bath. Once they get a bath they can go in our general population. With cats we’re giving them about 24 hours where we’re observing them making sure they are healthy and making sure they’ve had 24 hours to groom themselves,” Kemper explained.

They tend to be more cautious in the spring, especially with wildlife.

“There’s some specific things that we’re concerned about this time of year, all coronavirus aside, this is parvo season,” Kemper said.

As well as distemper. As far as animals being brought in recently, Kemper says numbers are down since coronavirus.

“We’ve taken in 390 to date and so far we’ve had a hundred percent live release rate for our healthy adoptable animals,” Kemper said.

There are precautions for adoption as well, like an outside table for paperwork, hand sanitizing on entrance, masks, limiting patrons and outside visitations with potential adoptees.

“We have to make sure that we’re keeping our staff healthy, because if we get sick we lose our ability to care for the animals that are coming in,” Kemper said.

So an abundance of caution will hopefully result in an abundance of love.

Kemper said they have set up arrows to promote one-way traffic, have placed tape markers on the floor for social distancing, and on busy days have a safety monitor at the front door to control occupancy.

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