Group meets in Jucy’s parking lot every morning during COVID-19 shutdown

WEBXTRA: Group meets in Jucy’s parking lot every morning during COVID-19 shutdown

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - The pandemic and ultimate shutdown changed daily life for most East Texans in some fashion, including many who ‘sheltered at home’.

But a group in Longview decided they could work around the shutdown of their favorite breakfast hangout in their own way, and keep life a little more normal.

Every morning at around 8, you’ll see them sitting in the parking lot of ‘Jucy’s’ on highway 80.

The breakfast club.

"Everybody agreed to do it and we've had probably, most we've had out here is what 12-13. 14 we've had at least 14," said club member Charlie Palmer.

"Everybody just takes their 6 foot separation and tell stories back and forth. Some repeats I might add," says fellow member Darryl Carter.

When the shutdown happened, they still wanted to meet for coffee and breakfast, and with the permission of the owner of ‘Jucy’s’, they we’re allowed to bring their own lawn chairs and enjoy each others company.

“Mainly because our wives tell us to get out of the house. Then somebody will say 'well here’s what you do. okay? Anybody know a good carpenter,” joked retired doctor John Ferrell.

Discussing the issues of the day and having fun, they do it for a simple reason.

"Just don't be afraid of anything, I think that's a deal people get, their pushed into being afraid to do something. 'Oh my gosh I don't want to do that. Can't let that fear tackle you," says member Don Lester.

Observing social distancing, they like their routine , and want to keep it.

“There’s a couple of old soreheads in this group, but most of them are pretty good guys like me,” Palmer says.

Breakfast Club

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